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Cast: Aubrey Johnson - Alice; Ana Guigui - Queen, Lorina, Dormouse, Tweedle Dum; Rene Pfister - Rabbit, Dee, Executioner, Mad Hatter, Jack of Hearts; Tom Baskett - Narrator, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, King, Bill; Jeri Sykes - Pat, Rude Woman


Specialized Vocal Arrangements for Tunnel, Tiny Door, Shrink or Grow, Cheshire Cat,

Finale, and Courtroom created by Tom Baskett and Aubrey Johnson


Arrangements and Orchestrations by Chris Cho


Additional Horn and Reed Arrangements  Executioner, Cheshire Cat, Enjoy the Ride by Jeri Sykes


Arrangement Supervisor, Jeri Sykes


Vocal Bass and Vocal Drum Grooves, Tom Baskett


Upright/Electric Bass, Paul Kochanski


Primary Drums and Percussion, Alan Goodrich


Additional Drums and Percussion, Rico Spence


Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Flute, Jeri Sykes


Initial tracks recorded at Guilford Sound. Engineer- Matt Hall

Special thanks to Residency Supervisors Anjelica Montemayor and Ashley Flood

Guilford Sound Producers - Rene Pfister and Tom Baskett


Engineer for Bass and Drum Tracks, Neale Eckstein 

Fox Run Producers, Rene Pfister and Neale Eckstein

Additional Engineering on Wonderland, Maggie Beltran


Dialogue tracks recorded at Soundscape Studios

Dialogue Producer, Susan Boer

Storybook CD editing and producers, Susan Boer and Mike Moss

Special thanks to Cindy Haan, John Ross and Ron Thibeau,  Eric Stern, Michael Wartofsky and NOMTI and Berklee’s Guilford Residency for their support of this project.

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