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Praise for Alice in wonderlanD

a New Family musical 

Rene's songwriting style is inviting and warm, full of joy, beautifully melodic, and his lyrics rich (and sometimes spicy when called for). His music is a charming hybrid of two genres he obviously respects and cares deeply about: musical theater and traditional pop music. 

Peter Eldridge

Rene’s musicals give a fresh perspective on well known stories. ALICE IN WONDERLAND is exuberant, creative and most of all- FUN!

Allison Larew

Grateful Mom

There are so many wonderful things about Rene’s music to talk about – the striking melodies, the courageous lyrics, the meticulous attention to each moment – but the most impressive aspect of his repertoire for me has always been his versatility of styles. Within one musical, he has the astounding ability to change the song style from jazz to classic musical theatre to contemporary pop to blues while always staying true to what each individual character or moment wants to sound like. And amazingly, throughout all of this variety, the music never loses sight of the overarching sonic feel of the show.

John Hooper

Professional Director and Choreographer

I always love doing Rene’s shows, and ALICE... was one of my all-time favorites! The characters are hilarious with fantastic music and catchy lyrics that make every scene fun. ALICE IN WONDERLAND was one of my favorite books growing up, and Rene has only made it better with his musical adaptation.

Ruby Carmel

Student Actor

Rene Pfister is a comedic, contemporary, creative and clever composer. His whimsical ear-worms are current and catchy and fun for the whole family.

J. Samatha Gould, Esq.

Rene Pfister’s musical version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND is a delight! I’ve directed this twice now, and the musical has as much appeal to school kids as it does to grown ups. That’s in large part because of the excellent music.  The songs are immediately appealing – the Red Queen’s song is a dramatic romp about the joys of sending people to have their heads chopped off.  The titular song Wonderland is a poignant ballad about feeling awe.  The lyrics are sharp, fresh, and very funny.  There are so many wonderful moments, like the Caterpillar (and its singing and dancing legs!) asking us to "Enjoy the Ride," or the White Rabbit singing "There’s a Foot Sticking Out of My House." Pfister’s re-imagining of this classic tale keeps all the highlights audiences expect while bringing new humor and sparkle through the catchy tunes and lively dialogue. I can’t recommend this enough!

Emily Miller Micak

Integrated Arts Teacher, Touchstone Community School

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